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Client Testimonials

Least Cost Energy Contract

“Energy Veritas managed the whole process from go to whoa. We were able to select the least cost energy contract going forward based on a thorough analysis of the available options and further retailer negotiation. The report was comprehensive, easy to read and understand.”

Chris Vincent, RPM International Tool & Die Ltd

Effective Energy Audit

“A full energy audit of all our Hamilton sites was concluded by Energy Veritas in 2009. On the basis of the reports we progressively began implementing the recommendations. Over the last three calendar years (2010-2012) we have decreased the total energy use on our two largest campuses by 13% while increasing our teaching facilities and student numbers. Our energy costs are at almost the same level as they were in 2010, avoiding the effects of unit increases in energy prices over that time.”

Wayne Elliott, Facilities Manager, Waikato Institute of Technology

Energy Management

“We had some equipment that was due to be upgraded but part of the justification for the upgrade was the energy savings that would be produced. Energy Veritas provided a timely investigation and report that took into account our forward energy prices and line charges to define exactly what our costs and cost savings would be.”

Darryl Mudgway, Integrated Packaging Ltd

Network Investigation

“We had some production plant that could not be run at full capacity. Energy Veritas investigated and confirmed that the cause was excess harmonics and provided a clear and practical report to address the issue. Using this information we were able to persuade the equipment suppliers to resolve the problem.”

Anna Francis, Bailey Tanks Ltd