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Our Services

Energy Veritas® Ltd offers a portfolio of energy consultancy services developed for medium to large commercial and industrial energy users.(If this is your business it'll be using around 17,000 kWh or more each month.)

Energy Broking

We identify and manage access to the least cost electricity and gas contracts, delivering the best deal for you from a range of contract options supplied by around six different retailers. We produce comprehensive yet easily understood reports designed for confident decision making that include:
  • energy contract options - their merits, ranking, costs and forecasts
  • line charges - their accuracy, opportunities for cost reduction and forecast costs
  • other charges - for example metering where these charges are separately applied
We believe you should be fully informed for confident decision-making when it comes to making choices.

Electrical Upgrades, Downgrades, Additions and Removals
We project-manage these electrical changes, coordinating and complementing the work of your electricians. We ensure:
  • correct line charges that are as low as possible
  • correct capacity More often than not capacity is over-estimated. You end up paying for that over estimation every month. Getting it right first time, or when a change is made, avoids these costs.
  • correct metering Which is best for you - time-of-use metering or standard metering? Getting it wrong can mean avoidably high energy costs. We can help.
Energy Reporting
We can provide timely, cost-effective reporting on your monthly energy costs, energy use, demands and power factor performance for all your sites - and alert you to any issues.

Energy Reviews (Audits)

Energy reviews are normally carried out to Level 2 of AS/NZS 3598:2000 “Energy Audit”. Level 3 audits can also be undertaken. Specific audits for Process Air and Pump Systems can be undertaken.

Is Your Retailer Overcharging You?

Sometimes retailers get the charges wrong - but it may not be obvious on your invoice.

We've helped clients:
  • get their charges corrected and
  • get the overcharges paid back
Yes, it can be done! Let us cost-effectively investigate. If there's a case to answer
we'll take it to the Electricity and Gas Complaints Commission and get results!